Duquesne Energy Rates – How to Save on Duquesne Energy Rates

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If you live in Duquesne Light’s service area, you have the option to choose an alternative energy supplier for your electricity generation. Approximately one-fifth of residential power customers in the utility’s service territory have shopped for a new electric provider and chosen to save on their energy rates by choosing a competitive supplier. Even though you are switching from a utility-provided duquesne light pa supplier to a third party energy company for power generation, you will remain a Duquesne Light customer and continue to receive electric transmission and delivery from DLC.

When you shop for an alternative electricity provider, it is important to find a plan that offers the best price per kWh and term, but be wary of monthly fees or other hidden changes for lower or higher usage. Some plans also offer a fixed-rate that is a good choice for people who want to know what their energy costs will be each month. Some energy providers may reward loyalty with a lower per-kWh rate in exchange for longer contracts, which can either be beneficial or harmful depending on how long you expect electricity prices to stay low.

While you are shopping for your preferred electricity provider, check out the DLC website for helpful tools and resources, including energy-saving tips and account management features. You can also sign up for text or email alerts to keep you updated on your usage and billing. For those who are concerned about environmental impacts, DLC offers renewable energy options that allow you to source your electricity from wind and solar power.

DLC’s regulated business rates, which are set by filings at the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, are based on a variety of factors that include the cost of generating and delivering electricity to customers in southwestern Pennsylvania. The filings are known as a tariff and provide the rules, regulations and schedule of rates for DLC services.

In addition to their regulated business rates, DLC offers a wide range of incentives for residents in its service area. These include a meter exchange program, energy theft assistance and neighborhood energy projects. They also work to cut down trees and other vegetation that may get in the way of area power lines.

The DLC service territory includes more than 525,000 residential customers, which makes up about 90 percent of the utility’s overall customer base. The company is a leader in providing safe, reliable and affordable energy for homes and businesses. In addition to delivering the power, they invest billions each year to maintain and upgrade their infrastructure. Duquesne Light is also a strong supporter of the community, contributing to organizations such as United Way.

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